Our vacation in Namibia, Africa. We stayed in Swartkopmunt for a few nights. Oh my this place is like a fairy tale. Then we drove to Etosha, this place is a photograph waiting to happen! There were always animals at the waterhole, day and night. Dusk was the best time when all the cute nocturnal animals started to wake up. The cutest bush babies came right up to us and interacted with us. I was very disappointed in the service, I found the accommodation was tiny and expensive and the food was horrible and they did not cater for everyone's dietary needs. What is amazing about Namibia, is whilst you are driving along the road just abut anywhere you are bound to see some wildlife. This is not so great when your tire bursts and there are baboons everywhere. That must have been the fastest we've ever changed a tire. We then went to Windhoek, just to go to Joe's Beerhouse and join the drum circle. Then we went back to our fairy tale in Swartkopmunt. This time we went out with the friends we made the first time around, one of the cooks and her girlfriend. We went to their house and I was so grateful for the opportunity to shoot this side/face of Namibia. This was also my very first time using my DianaF+ hence you can see I was still trying to figure it out.

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