Part of a memorial to William Gladstone, Coates Crescent, Edinburgh.

"Four-times Liberal prime minister of Great Britain, Gladstone was one of the dominant political figures of the Victorian era" (BBC History).

"Standing bronze figure of Gladstone on granite column. Around this column are four standing female figures: MEASURE (front left) holding a Roman steelyard; FORTITUDE (front right) holding a shield on which is the face of Christ wearing a crown of thorns); VITALITY (back left) holding a lamp with a lit flame (the Lamp of Life); FAITH (back right) holding a bible with Christ on the cross on the front of it. On either side of the column on a scroll like buttress is a large seated female figure, HISTORIA (right) and ELOQUENTIA (left)".(Canmore.org.uk).

Zenit B with Helios 44-2 58mm f2.
Kodacolor 200 ISO 35mm film.
Hand processed at home with Tetenal C-41 kit.

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