Came out horribly, possible reasons: (1) 5 yrs expired (unknown storage condition), (2) went through airport security xray, (3) over fixed it. Place your bets


  1. briany
    briany ·

    I place my bet on "all of the above" but I like the final product! :) Are those some type of climbing skis that you were using versus traditional cross country ones?

  2. iblissss
    iblissss ·

    @briany that is splitboard, snowboard that splits into 2 skis for approach, or 2 approach skis that can be put together into snowboard for descent. Does that make sense?

  3. briany
    briany ·

    @iblissss Thanks so much for the clarification .... makes a lot of sense! I had never heard of a split board before but I can definitely see its advantages.

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