1. denkbeeldig
    denkbeeldig ·

    My favourite combo as well! Canonet and Ilford Pan 400 👌

  2. marcbessant
    marcbessant ·

    @denkbeeldig it's a great camera. I really should use it more often.

  3. denkbeeldig
    denkbeeldig ·

    For sure, @marcbessant . Nice and compact, and plenty of manual options. I have a black version, it's quite unintrusive for people.

  4. marcbessant
    marcbessant ·

    @denkbeeldig the black versions look great. I could not find one when I was looking. I have ran some colour film through it and the colours look great. I love the lens although the focusing took a little getting used to as I usually use SLRs.

  5. denkbeeldig
    denkbeeldig ·

    @marcbessant yes, I can totally relate to that. Focussing is hard.. I am starting to figure the zone focussing on the camera, which is quite nice with the canonet. I do prefer the SLR (but chunky they are..) as opposed to the RF-cameras, so many choices though!

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