The Altissa Altix is a real wild card of a camera... With the right film, funky colours explode. Whoah.


  1. aleatorius
    aleatorius ·

    ha, I also have alitx! altix V, and shooting without lightmeter does produce funky colors sometimes %-)))…

  2. anttihoo
    anttihoo ·

    @aleatorius Oh, the one with interchangeable lenses? I envy you! I'm planning to take mine apart to fix a minor shutter cocking issue, and it would be so much easier if I could just twist the lens barrel off...
    But those colours make me wonder: has something happened to the lens coating? I use several German cameras from the Fifties (a few of them with similar Tessars), and the Altix is the only one with this funkiness feature. Hmm...

  3. aleatorius
    aleatorius ·

    @anttihoo as to my recent photo-set I had some doubt on what film ISO I had while shooting. So I assumed I had 400, while I had kodak proimage 100. Usually my guess of exposure is within range of film tolerance, but here it was definitely a bit off! So 25 frames were ok when I assumed 100, the last 10 were off but with curious "lomography" look %-))) And my tessar is faster - 50/2.8, while yours is f3.5, so maybe your exposure was too challenging for portra.

  4. anttihoo
    anttihoo ·

    @aleatorius Sounds plausible. I'll just call it serendipity, then – it's a neat effect, after all. (But I still suspect there's something weird going on with the Altix...)

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