The first session with my friend, Martha, the batik artist in her apartment and studio. You can see her works, for example, here: The Nikon FE worked good, but I had some problems with sharpness (!). I have poor eyesight at my age! Helios-44M 2/58 is very good in combination with the Nikon FE. I used two 135Wat constant light lamps. He does not give up! #35mm, #Nikon, #NikonFE, #Helios, #Helios44M, #Helios44, #blackandwhite, #BW, #blackandwhitephotography, #analoguephotography, #Rollei, #RPX400, #RolleiRPX400, #blackandwhitenegativefilm, #negativefilm, #Krakow, #Poland, #batik, #artist, #art, #batikartist, #Martha, #MarthaMulawa, #painting


  1. troch
    troch ·

    Great portrait of an artist series!

  2. tomczykd
    tomczykd ·

    @troch thank you! I really like this photo! It was the first time to photograph my friend. Now we are thinking about photographing her at work. It's how she works every day. We'll see what comes out. I will do it digitally and analog. Here the Helios-44M lens has proven itself! I like his plasticity. Sometimes I may have set the focus badly, but this is not the most important thing for me!

  3. troch
    troch ·

    I look forward to seeing your continued collaboration!

  4. tomczykd
    tomczykd ·

    @troch very, very soon! the next session done!

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