«Autumn on the Seventh Ivankovo ​​pond»

The Pokrovskoye Streshnevo Natural Historical Park and the bank of the Chernushka River develop the Seventh Ivankovo ​​Pond in this place.
Variations on a theme «...with a film across Moscow»
Camera: Canon EOS 5
Lens: Canon Zoom Lens EF 70-210 mm
Film: Astrum 135 Colour Negative Film (ISO 125)
Scanner: Epson Perfection 4490 Photo (+VueScan)
Photo taken: 13/10/2018

Chernushka - a river flowing in the north-western part of Moscow, flows into the Khimka River. According to various data, the length is from 3.8 to 6 km, a significant part is enclosed in a collector. River originates in the swamp at the intersection of the Leningradskoye highway and Nikolsky deadlock, then flows through the territory of the Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo Forest Park (Pokrovskoe-Glebovo), through the Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo estate (monument of nature since 1978) where it forms a cascade of six ponds (these ponds were dug out at Chernushka in 1685 in the Streshnevy Pokrovsky estate and survived until now) and takes the right tributary (also with a cascade of ponds).
55.815400, 37.476262

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