Monochrome Paradise (Sweden #30)

I find myself quite often in discussions with professional photographers about the nostalgia and virtues of film photography. Of course most proffesionals rely on the digital way and it makes complete sense. In a way they feel often threaten by freaks like us, I think often fueled by remorse and regret that they abandoned film. It is not a rationale that makes us love film. It's an emotion and it is the surprises and accidents that deliver soul. Like a monochrome slide film from the north of sweden...


  1. monocular
    monocular ·

    I love your album here tis beautiful. And I absolutely agree we thrive on the sheer emotion and process film provides. I am currently in a photography program at a university and all we are shooting now is digital. I came to realize I am so much more of a patient photographer on film than I am with digital cameras. I feel like it takes away that instinct of knowing when you've found something worth to take a picture with because it seems limitless. Bravo for sticking with film! I may be ditching the digital grind real soon.

  2. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    Exactly @monocular. it's aquestion of process, also of course result, but that would be adjustable. And even the discussion is emotional and I wonder, if it will be the same conversation in ten years time...

  3. monocular
    monocular ·

    @wil6ka totally, and it will be an interesting dynamic to see the difference of how we all will discuss film in the future as we continue the craft and yet share it both physically and digitally. Do you scan your prints and negatives only or do you do darkroom prints as well of your work these days?

  4. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    @monocular I personally have a good deal with a lab and I wouldn't have the time for processing. But I would jump back toi it, if the labs seize to process. I mainly scan from the negative and rather do larger prints from time to time from the HiRes Scan.

  5. monocular
    monocular ·

    @wil6ka that's cool, good labs are hard to come by. I'm going to be developing my own negatives soon and scanning. I'm excited to see how they turn out.

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