First test with the Instantkon RF70 camera by MINT. The feeling is great, it's a very well built camera (which design is clearly inspired by the beautiful Fuji GF670, with a folding lens) with a fantastic lens that provides very sharp photos. The shooting operation is a bit slow, as there's one viewfinder for framing (very clear and bright) and another small window just beneath for the rangefinder focusing. This last one is very small and the precise focusing isn't the quickest and easiest part. The aperture control ring (from f5.6 to f22) as well as the focusing knob are very easy to use, and the "A" mode provides a very accurate exposure. You can adjust the automatic speed 1 stop with the A+/A- , or choose a entire manual speed + B. Last option is the "rear flash" mode, that we know very well with lomographic cameras and produces always nice results, but I didn't try this rear flash out yet. Well, I'm very satisfied with these first results and will surely use it often, as the Instax wide format really gives you the same impression as shooting medium format with an immediate result!

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