Kiku 16 - Kikufilm Panchromatic

In a quest to further use my recent acquisition, a Kiku 16 Sub Minature Camera, I found 8 rolls of film on eBay. 6 unused and 2 already exposed. Interested (as always) in the possible results I developed the 2 exposed rolls in part to test possible development times and solution mixes and also intrigue! Unlike previous rolls of Homer Panchromatic that I have developed the results are not as helpful although there is some number burn on at least one of the frames so perhaps I am not too far off the ideal mix and times. I have no idea how old the film is, when they where exposed or under what circumstances but here are a few of the scans using a 110 frame (which is ideal for the 14x14 Kiku film). The good news is that I now have an excess of empty rolls that I can cut fresh film on for future Kiku 16 outings :)

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