Expired Kodak P1200 Glass Plates

I have been wanting to shoot some old glass plates for such a long time and finally got around to it this weekend. I bought a load on eBay quite cheap and was not entirely sure if they would have been treated in the correct manner as I often see photos of them on eBay laid out in full light. So I had to hope that any of the plates I loaded would first of all be in a workable state. Thankfully they were and the results are pretty neat. I knew before hand that I would have to shoot at a slower shutter speed based on previous expired film outings (1/10th of a second in this case). I also kept the aperture wide open (f3.5). The completely blank plate was shot in doors which I sort of figured would be the result but I wanted to test it still. I also need to use the focusing plate rather than the TLR lens to focus as there is definitely a slight difference between the two focal planes when using the glass plates. I have included the full scan too as I like them too.

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