this house is supposed to be brought down.

2018 Juli i was so curious to see how the Leica M2 with the Voigtländer 15 mm /4,5 performs and i had an Adox Silvermax 100 in the camera - double curious! Little perfect Voigtländer metering thingy with me. At least i thought i did a good job and i was eager to see the outcome... - at the lab they did not know that special film - i could have googled before and tell them to develop it about 11 minutes - i didn´t - i trusted they should be experts .... they devoloped it about 5 plus minutes ... too short ...the negatives were looking nearly transparent... f*** .... they were somehow trying to make it better and i was granted a scan of higher mbs... with a little lightroom adjustments the outcome is quite alright - quite... isn´t it awesome, that there is so much information on the film though it was so much underdeveloped....

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