Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Kolomna

Lazareva Street, Kolomna, Moscow region. Russia.
Camera: Pentax Spotmatic SP II (№5247478)
Lens: MC Macro-Revuenon 28 mm ƒ3.5
Film: ADOX CHS 100 II + dev. D-76
Scanner: Pakon F235+
Photo taken: 02/06/2018

Temple in honor of the Exaltation The Cross of the Lord appeared on one of the most ancient places of the Kolomna Kremlin, inhabited as far back as pre-Mongol times, and constitutes a single spiritual complex with the Pyatnitsky gates of the Kolomna Kremlin. This place is on the banks of the Moskva River, where the earthen ramparts of the wooden fortress towered, and a road led to the Grand Duke's palace. In 1380, through the Pyatnitskiy Gate, the holy and faithful prince Dmitry Donskoy drove to Kolomna before going to the Kulikovo field.

There is a beautiful legend about the church that once stood on this place, which, at the time of the invasion of the city by the invaders of other faiths, went underground together with the priest and the prayers. And to this day, people say, if you drop your ear to the ground, you can still hear the ringing of the underground bells, and the course of the liturgy that has been going on ever since.

In the 1920s. in the church formed his parish, which served as a monk, expelled from the Trinity Novo-Golutvin monastery. In the 1930s. all of them were arrested, their fates are unknown. Krestovozdvizhensky temple was the last of the temples Kolomna Kremlin, which was closed in the 30s.

After the closure of the building of the temple housed a team of disabled people. Virtually all the church utensils were lost. The upper tiers of the bell tower were destroyed. In the 1980s. there was a workshop and warehouse of the Kolomna Museum of Local Lore.

In 1994 the church was returned to the Orthodox community. In 2000 the church was completely restored.

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