I had been super upset for 2 years now because my Lubitel had been damaged ! my beloved Lubitel, my first gift from hubby, had been lying in the cupboard for so long, I had forgotten it existed because i couldn't get it repaired anywhere near me. Suddenly, we had to travel to the US and we decided to do NYC this time, first thought through my head was "I gotta take my Lubitel and get it fixed!!" The guys at the Lomography embassy store were most helpful, tried to get the camera fixed in the very few days that i was visiting the city but alas they were too few for parts to arrive. I was again super sad all the way to the store to take the camera back to the cupboard, but i couldn't believe my ears when the guys at the store was so damn sweet to simply replace my damaged Lubitel with a brand new one !!! I was all over the moon and damn speechless !!! I totally zoned out and walked like a zombie all the way to Dumbo, until i realized hubby and I were about to witness a beautiful sunset over the Manhattan skyline. Loaded the new camera and voila !! My first roll in Lubitel in NYC. Super happy!! Sorry for the long rant but just wanted to say Cheers and big Thank you to the guys at the NYC embassy store !! You guys rock !! And also thank you hubby for developing and scanning this one. Love you :D

Lubitel in the super NYC
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