These were cross processed with 2003 vintage TMax developer from Kodak. (I am not sure if the formulation has changed ). One image has a "quick and dirty" edit to remove a kid. I will eventually upload the full rolls with the people unedited. The rolls were found and I used them as test rolls to check a theory after seeing some articles about the universal nature of Caffenol, and I wanted to see if it carried over to other developers. Short answer is yes. What is interesting in some images, there are hints of the color that is supposed to be present. 3 of the images were important to someone as they are of a bathroom. The APS film size of "Advantix" did not fit with the adjustable reel in a regular slot, so I had to guess and load it carefully. These were scanned straight up as color negatives just to see what color tonalities were present, and they do vary even on the same roll. I have no idea how old the films were when I got them initially. These have been accumulating since 2010, so I decided to develop them. The APS canisters are not easy to open, but they will yield to a flat screwdriver. While a noble attempt by Kodak, the cameras were not extremely versatile, though some did have a panoramic feature. #APS, #Advantix, #Kodak_Gold_200, #Gold200, #Found_images, #Cross_Process, #C41, #TMax,

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