Clock shot with a Nikon F with Inch and a half extension on Kodak Gold film, developed with Cafenol for 15 Minutes. The Negatives were scanned as Color Positive, which produces the striking gold tone color, Color Negative, and some are washed out as these were just a straight up scan with no adjustments. And as Black and White, which produced a low contrast scan- scanis just a straight up scan with no adjustment in order to show how these look without adjustments. I like to play with Bokeh and shadows, and the clock mechanisms do provide an excellent subject with which to produce such images. Film has an honesty to it as well as a unique look and "feel" that you do not get with digital imagery (I have some sets shot with my Nikon D7100 on My Facebook art page.)

Clock with Kodak Gold200 developed with Cafenol
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