My 13th filmswap, this time with @peter_po Prešov, Slovakia 2 July 2016

My 13th filmswap, this time with Peter Basala @peter_po Prešov, Slovakia. Since I never got a great result at the previous filmswap because I think I'm very very don't think just shoot happy shooter, so this time I had lot discussion with Peter via message. He had a great innitiative to write down every object he snap and he wrote to me at the message so I can create the second shot and good bye don't think just shoot. But you know what, I only could do that about three or four shoot because the rest of the frame are just really don't think just shoot and I guess that's my identity. I can't be so serious about taking photo haha T_T. At this 10th frame Peter shoot "statue of jesus" and I shoot hectic situation at Pasar Baru (new market), the most longest market that has exist since the Dutch colonial era (1500something - 1941) in Bandung

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