I was kind of sceptical about this 90mm XPan lens and didn't see how to use it in the panoramic format this camera offers. After a while, looking for shots made with this lens, I began to find it more interesting as it allows to come closer to the subject, choosing a more narrow frame and thinking about composition - specially in street photography and even for portraits - in such a frame. Focusing isn't very easy with this lens as it has a very very small depth of field, even up to f8. The Ilford Delta 3200 (shot at 1600 and processed at 3200) is a bit grainy, but I need to wait for more sun and better weather conditions to test it with some fine grain low iso film. Finally, I think I like this lens for the different view it offers in this great panoramic format! And I want to say a very BIG THANKS to Madeleine for the portrait test shooting with this lens, she made again an amazing job as a model! To be continued...


  1. crosschannel
    crosschannel ·

    Very nice shot: catches the personality naturally in an urban environment. Does not appear to be set for the occasion - just as imho a portrait should be. B/W works well with it.

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    @crosschannel Thanks!! I'm very satisfied how this lens comes out for portrait shootings. The backround blur is nice (even if it's a bit grainy with Delta 3200) and when the good focus point is well catched, the result is very pleasing :)

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