Various polaroids that I've taken on both the Polaroid Onestep Close-Up (vintage) and the Polaroid Onestep 2 (i-Type, new camera). My Onestep Close-up crapped out on me after owning it for only 3 days; it spits the whole film pack out when I put a new film pack in it. I resorted to purchasing the new Polaroid from Polaroid Originals, with hopes that this one will actually last me. Eventually I'll purchase a refurbished original vintage polaroid, but for now, I'm happy with the new camera.

2.2.2018 - Polaroid Round 2


  1. mapix
    mapix ·

    this darkroom looks pretty professional!

  2. tsukikage
    tsukikage ·

    @mapix it is pretty professional! it's the darkroom at my college. spent too many hours to count in there, i love it too much. i graduated so i took some photos as a reminder to myself, but now i volunteer there so i still get to hang around!!

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