Bronica ETR panoramic trials


  1. maasl
    maasl ·

    wich film do you used ?

  2. kosmonot
    kosmonot ·

    @maasl Hi,
    It was Colour Infrared Film. Not Kodak.. But some Russian made.

  3. maasl
    maasl ·

    do they still produce them ?

  4. kosmonot
    kosmonot ·

    @maasl Yes, you can buy them in 35mm rolls or 100ft bulk.
    but it's a pain in the ass to deal with.

  5. maasl
    maasl ·

    yeah its never easy with infrared films .
    is there an homepage where i can buy those films or could you tell me the name of the company ?

  6. kosmonot
    kosmonot ·

    @maasl i see that you are in Germany.
    have you tried Dean Bennici? I had purchased some original Kodak Aerochrome rolls in 120 from him.

  7. kosmonot
    kosmonot ·

    @maasl i purchased this from Tasma in Russia.

  8. kosmonot
    kosmonot ·

    @maasl You'll have to write them a mail and they'll send you the price list.
    there's no homepage where you can buy directly.

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