--- developed and scanned by Chandra Foto Bandung --- Part of prize as runner-up of Lomography New York uprising rumble : Early month of this year I got an e-mail from Lomography NY/USA online manager @katphip who told me that my photo www.lomography.com/photos/16419143 was chosen as one of the runner-up of Lomography New York uprising rumble and got delectable prize which are 4 package (12 roll) of lomography film. And this film is one of the package prize =9 Very blessing prize after the last 2 year I didn't get anything from rumble =p Big regret because I sold 4 roll of it because at that time I'm very needed money for develop and scan my film at the photo lab. More mistake I sold it at (then in the future I knew him as...) online reseller film who asked me to gave him lower price which I'm veeeeery regret because he got 4 good lomography film with cheap price ToT it's because I have no guts to sell it with high cost due to the fact that in Indonesia online film market lomography film are not best seller film. Strangely the best seller film are that three brand new color negative film with very expensive price than slide film and get a great saturation result haha do you know what I mean ;p Mostly the buyer are new player at analogue world which is good fact to Indonesian analogue world but bad news for old analogue user like me because I have had felt very cheapprice of slide/b&w/color negative film price but now the popularity of analogue lifestyle made the price of the main amunition of analogue photography became increasingly high T_T

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