Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Ferienlager

Extrem vacations: End of september I spent 4 days within the "Chernobyl Exlusion zone". Creepy and surreal as hell... and with a morbid note of beauty. We visited a lot of different places within the zone: old villages, farms, the Duga-3 Radar, Pripyat & the ferrywheel and the power plant itself. And yes: There are still a lot of radiation-hotspots. Certainly we never went to this places! If you have any questions, just leave a comment! ;-) // Extremurlaub: Ende September 2017 habe ich 4 Tage in der Sperrzone von Tschernobyl verbracht. Unheimlich, surreal und auf eine morbide Art auch sehr schön... Zusammen mit einer Reisegruppe haben wir uns verschiedene Orte angeschaut: Verlassene Dörfer, alte Farmbetriebe, die Duga-3 Radarstation, die Geisterstadt Pripyat samt Riesenrad und sogar das Kraftwerk selbst. Ja, es gibt dort noch viele stark verstrahlte Orte, doch natürlich hat unser Guide uns dort nicht hingeführt. ;-)


  1. marcomaestro
    marcomaestro ·

    Great pictures,but you will now be highly radioactive!!!!???

  2. docsavage
    docsavage ·

    @marcomaestro Actually it's save to go there - more or less. There are a lot of hotspots within the exclusion Zone and it's highly prohibited to go there. The average background radiation amounted 0,03 mSv - 0,10 mSv (hotspots not included) at the places we visited. During the trip we all absorbed about 0,40 mSv - 0,80 mSv, which is equal to a flight from Berlin to New York and back (or 5% - 10% of the yearly dose of radiation). And for our own savety we carried a dosimeter all the time.

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