windows and Dome

this roll was taken in some Villages around Danube. Szentendre with the picturesque buildings and the historical town of Esztergom. The portra roll made the photos so clear and gave them a magic touch!


  1. loewon
    loewon ·

    wow creepy :O

  2. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    @loewon I love this photo, and I think portra roll make even better :)

  3. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·


  4. klawe
    klawe ·


  5. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    @mjanekerr @klawe thank you very much! 😀

  6. oliv0380
    oliv0380 ·

    Any ghost there?

  7. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    @oliv0380 the possible ghost in this cathedral could be only the holy ghost 😉

  8. lofnikolas
    lofnikolas ·

    τι πίνεις ρε και μας ανατριχιάζεις?
    Πολύ καλή !

  9. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    @lofnikolas χαχαχα! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε! 😀

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