Ektar No.1

Large format light leaks, love or hate? Probably me handling the dark-slides in my 60 year old Super16mm dark bag, not so much a problem with the camera or the slides.

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  1. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    this light leakage made even better the photo! I really like the light lavender color frpm the leak

  2. montagu
    montagu ·

    @fragakis_p This time I was lucky, hard to say when you reach the limit for an acceptable light leak lol... But I agree, on this shot I was quite happy about it, gives that summer feel

  3. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    @montagu I totally agree!

  4. marcomaestro
    marcomaestro ·

    Very well done!

  5. kashmir2209
    kashmir2209 ·

    Fantastic work!

  6. montagu
    montagu ·

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  7. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    @montagu keep on lomo-love!

  8. kelvin_wx
    kelvin_wx ·

    the leak is amazing.. on purpose or accident?

  9. montagu
    montagu ·

    @kelvin_wx accident, i think my dark-bag is too old and has light-leak, so it happened when I loaded or unloaded the film...