At the extreme north-west point of Crete, at the end of the Gramvousa peninsula you can admire a stunning place called Balos Lagoon. You first need to drive an 8km dirt track at a very low speed (30mn for 8km!) before parking your car. Take your backpack and photographic gear and take the path in the mountains: suddenly, the view opens in front of you and there's this amazing view before your eyes! Usually very crowded in full summer (tourists reach the place by sea as it's in all touristic cruises program), I was very lucky to go there during a cloudy day and almost nobody on the beach. So I could walk all over the place, in every direction and finally spent over 5 hours there.... And it was the perfect time to shoot some long exposure tripod shots with a very slow b&w film like the Adox CMS20 exposed at 12 iso and exposed for a few seconds at f/22 for maximal sharpness and fine grain photos. (Home processed in Adox Adotech II for 8.5 mn at 20°)

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