During my stay in Crete, I had a fantastic time, specially in the AirBnB I rented on the east coast, at Mirsini. As soon as I arrived, the owner, Nikos, had prepared a lot of welcome gifts, like some bottles of wine, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, all home made from his little property up in the mountains. He was very nice and I asked him if he would accept to show me where he grows all this beautiful products, and he agreed. So, the day before I left he came by and we went up to his little mountain house that he likes to call his "little paradise".... And indeed, it's a beautiful place, very quiet, and with all you need to live: he grows a lot of fruits and vegetables, his olive trees and his grapes. He offered me to taste an old 2009 "oak barrel" red wine that was delicious, cut off some wild artichokes (simply prepared with some lemon juice, salt and olive oil), brought goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and a bottle of a delicious homemade Raki... We had a wonderful time speaking about the simplicity and beauty of life till late at night (and until his wife called him to know where he was and when he was coming back home in the valley...). Nikos was a perfect example of what the greek hospitality, the "philoxenia" means. Thanks for everything Nikos!

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