Pentax Auto 110 with lenses.

The equipment I used for this album. 18, 24 and 50mm-lenses.


  1. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    I never knew Pentax had such an extensive 110 system of cameras.

  2. sierravictor
    sierravictor ·

    @neufotomacher There are a couple of screw on-close up lenses too. I've found a 18mm with fixfocus. There is at least one zoomlens available. They made, what is it called in english(?), a motor for it, for advancing the film. A later version of the camera is called "super". I don't know what is different between my camera and that one. Maybe there are a lens or to more, I don't remember.

  3. sierravictor
    sierravictor ·

    ... lens or two more...

  4. b2377
    b2377 ·

    Hey, that looks awfully familiar! I have the same kit! Here's some info I found about it:

  5. b2377
    b2377 ·

    Those rear lens caps are always a pain, they just fall right off. I'm surprised they have not been lost by now

  6. sierravictor
    sierravictor ·

    @b2377 Actually I only have one rear lens cap. One funny thing is that the 24mm fits nicely in a 135-filmbox and the lid on a Kodak-filmbox can be used as a front-lenscap. Therefore I store one of my two, I also have two Pentax Auto 110-cameraes, 24mm-lenses in a Kodak filmbox.

  7. chromagnon
    chromagnon ·

    GUAY!!!! Pentaxero!!!Pentax is a fact!!!

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