One night years ago, these trees were struck by lightning. Radiant spears plunged through the darkness & pierced the oakflesh with hot light. In that flash of sudden electric intercourse, form was passed on. Lightning exclaimed "Lightning!" but now tree too, spoke "Lightning." Only it was reinterpreted, inverted across axes of space & hue. Can you perceive the astounding symmetry She makes? Here, allow me to attempt once more: Lightning cracks blue-white down through the night darkness. Oaktree thrusts upwards its dark tines into the blue-white dawn. Now, do you see? Night is day, dark light, down up, lightning tree. It is the old story told time & time again, is even now being retold in infinite myriad forms - witness anew with a familiar thrill the interconnectedness of all things.

Here the trees can float away like boats...
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