Scofield in Concert and double (please read)

Unintentional Filmswap with "nikonlov" from Vienna. Uploaded with his permission! I think he is not yet here on lomo .... - I bought some rolls of Kodak Panther 1600 from him on "you-know-where". I wanted to test my new Minolta XD7 .... As you can see Boris´s Concertfotos and the doubles are selfies and Vienna-Street ... OH yes the guitarist is John Scofield, so far i knew -as soon as i get more infos about the exact date i shall update... The Panther was crossed. As i went through the scans i had to make the choice to either go for the concertfotos (which were very well metered!) or my choice of age - so i added a few where my angle was in front. but it is hard to make that choice; when there are People-Portraits involved the posture carries a lot of reality-sense and story telling. why would i rotate a musician´s picture to the side??? I need to step back from knowing "what is on the picture" - i treat him/her like a color composition

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