Mill's Park Pond, mid summer

Took some photo paper and cut it to fit my medium format cameras, exposed and then developed like normal paper prints. New life for some old shooters


  1. leonlee
    leonlee ·

    this look very interesting.
    wondering how's the exposure time will be? is it same like film, we shoot according to it's ASA?

  2. jamescat22
    jamescat22 ·

    Thank you for liking this. Paper negatives use regular photo paper that has an ASA of 1 to 6 (depends on brand and type of paper). So, at f16 on a sunny day you would have a shutter speed between 1/6 to 1 sec. On this shot I used B to hold the shutter open while I counted to 3 at about f22. I think. I actually got a better result on the ones I guessed at the timing then when I used a lightmeter and tried to set things exactly. My meter only goes down to asa 6. I'm sure that leaving the photo as a negative makes it look more interesting than if I tried to invert it to a more normal looking positive. It reminds me of a solarized or Sabattier print. The double image is from the reflection of the pond.

  3. leonlee
    leonlee ·

    thanks for the tips and wonderful explanation

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