Film is not dead

I received this camera a few weeks ago. It belonged to my grandparents. According to a quick search in the Internet, this camera dates from late 70s, but it seems to be in mint condition. My grandparents took this camera with them in their significant dates, they used it to save the memories of holidays, or birthdays, or just family portraits... All of this makes me feel so young and small, but also makes me feel the responsibility of giving this camera a new life, a new family, and the oportunity of capturing through its lens the experiences that Life may bring to us. And who knows, maybe at the end of my life, this camera might find its way into the hands of a grandchild, willing to continue looking the world through a glass lens. #filmisnotdead #istillshootfilm #ishootfilm #portrait #analogphotography #analogphotographer #filmphotography #filmphotographer #yashica #yashicamf #yashicamf1

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