Tulips near Palais Liechtenstein

Well it i danced around the decision to buy a Holga for quite a long time... Hesitation about build-quality and price relation... So patiently i waited for a second hand offer. It is a Holga 120N and IT IS REALLY FUN TO USE - and I LOVE THE OUTCOME... Here is some Street on the Film that came with the camera. I could not find out what film it is - no markings on the package-plastic. nothing on the film. I did not even know if it was color or b&w. the lab tested and said: b&w. ... so i have to go with it. The Film has no readable markings after developing in b&w and the back-paper seems to show on the fotos where i let more light in B-mode or doubles. Any suggestions or discussions are very welcome! Thanx for visits and likes!!!

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