one week trip from Shanghai to Saigon and Muine, at least 6 rolls, two cameras (canon EOS 3000 N, nikon F-301), I haven't been meticulous enough to remember witch film for what pic.

From Shanghai to Saigon 2013


  1. miss_madri
    miss_madri ·

    love this shot!

  2. cam_et_leon
    cam_et_leon ·

    @miss_madri I was really lucky to have such a result, no tripod, Bulb pose, camera on a corner of a table itself in the sand, Scotch and cock bucket starting to kick in (it was new year's eve), and at last a totally lucky guess for the exposure time. I'm glade you liked. Thanks

  3. candeeland
    candeeland ·


  4. cam_et_leon
    cam_et_leon ·

    @candee2104 Thanks ; -)

  5. lofnikolas
    lofnikolas ·

    You must visit Greece

  6. cam_et_leon
    cam_et_leon ·

    @lofnikolas I will one day.

  7. johnnyzgallagher
    johnnyzgallagher ·

    Might be one of the most amazing pictures I've ever seen.
    Such wonderful colours.


  8. cam_et_leon
    cam_et_leon ·

    @johnnyzgallagher Thanks a lot.

  9. ilsepeeters
    ilsepeeters ·

    Wow, amazing colors!! And crazy effect with the 'stripes' on the right half of the photo.

    Is this picture developed normal or cross processed?

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