Agat 18K - 18 carrots and counting

My first outting with the new in box 1990-1991 BeLomo Agat 18K half-frame camera I received from the lovely Ukraine today. I just need to test it out, see how the framing works and the exposure etc. I dig it! Many of these shots, like my test rolls going back to the start of my film camera purchase history, are meant to try framing, exposure, focus limits etc. I also did some panoramas which I did backwards in all but 1 group of shots. And I learned that at 1 meter or closer I need to use the offset framing. And its hard to compose using the tiny window and not tilt the camera. The composition frame lines are inside what you actually get, some of these shots have an additional meter or more on each side of the "framed" shot in the actual final shot because of it. I shot 3 shots at the very beginning to waste the frames up front two with flash and one of my lamp which seems to be my test subject often, I figure if Im going to waste a few frames that are exposed from loading the film I might as well shoot something. I dont know what the shutter speeds are supposed to be but I get the impression it has one faster speed or only a few since I cant choose them. Its basically just set the ISO, set the aperture based on the icon and click, repeat. Wish it had a B mode and MX switch.

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