"Contact sheet" of my Top 10 Images

These are my "raw scans" I use as a starting point for further processing. Raw means scaned with SilverFast Software to HDRi raw format at full resolution of the scanner. Developed with SilverFast HDR Studio to JPEG - using Negafix film profiles, iSRD dust and scratch removal where possible and GANE grain- and noise elimination if needed. The images are scalled down during die "development" process to reflect the gap between the nominal resolution of the scanner and the much lower effective resolution the hardware provides (35mm to 6000x4000 px, 120 film scaled to 6000x6000 or 6000x4500 px). These JPEGs are imported to Lightroom for easier cropping, rotating and applying meta data. These Lightroom exported images are the real "raw" data I use for any further processing. All images shown are C-41 negatives (color and B&W). The result can be found here (www.lomography.com/homes/cfehse/photos/20537822).

"Contact sheet" of my Top 10 Images
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