K Harley Pinup Theme R2

Some of the first color shots from my shoot with @forceusr and his wonderful wife this past weekend. This was shot on RetroChrome 320 using my Miranda Sensorex and Auto Miranda 50mm lens and then cross processed in C41 chemicals.


  1. fartstorm
    fartstorm ·

    Awesome series. How close to box speed did you shoot the film?

  2. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    Thanks. Well, the film is actually 400 ISO, but it's expired so they sell it as "320" and rate it as such for xpro. I shot most of this at 320, but I did adjust the aperture a little from shot to shot so some go over or under depending on the sun and how intense it was. There's a few shots in the Downtown part of this roll that I shot at 400 and they came out nice.

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