Just my photos with a new model: my lil sis' !


  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·


  2. pierrickmorin
    pierrickmorin ·

    @sirio174 thanks for her !

  3. pierrickmorin
  4. joerosey
    joerosey ·

    "Draw (or should I say "Photograph"?) me like your French girls" no?
    I like the soft feel to the picture!

  5. tormarie
    tormarie ·

    this is stunning! your sister makes a great model, I'll bet she loves these photos!

  6. pierrickmorin
    pierrickmorin ·

    @tormarie She likes them but she thinks she's not smiling enough (at all??) so we'll try again !

  7. tormarie
    tormarie ·

    @pierrickmorin I look forward to seeing them!

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