June 18th, 2014 : My paternal grandfather's house

I never met my paternal grandfather because he was passed away when my dad was in a 6th grade of elementary school. But from my 3rd coming to his hometown at desa (village) Cijoho', Parigi, Pangandaran, Jawa Barat (West Java), Indonesia, South East Asia Tenggara; one by one the story of him were told by his relative. He was a policeman who had work as "pekerja rodi" aka romusha (civilian which forced to working hard for Japanese colonial and didn't get paid, instead the romusha were beaten and suffering lack of food which causing many of them were dead). When Japan colonized Indonesia (1942 - 1945) my paternal grandfather replacing his dad to work as a romusha. After Indonesia Independence day he work as a policeman and move to Bandung, the capital city of Jawa Barat (West Java) and met my paternal grandmother. Then they were married and my paternal grandfather were move to Palembang, Sumatera Selatan (South Sumatera) just like all of policeman in Indonesia who always replaced at the region which were not their hometown. And then my dad were born in there. When my dad's 5th sister were born the family were move back to Bandung. My paternal grandfather is quite success as a policeman. He nearly got a scholarship to studying in the USA until the medical report showing his complication serious illnesses because of his destiny as a romusha, which make him suffer a lot of illness. And he was passed away at a very young age, 38 years old. Because my paternal grandmother have a lot of little child to take care, she never take them to her husband's hometown. Until in the 21st century when she was passed away, my dad and his brother and sister except the 2nd and the youngest visited our roots for the first time. I really like when my dad told me about his experience with his dad went to Parigi by using train and passing through terowongan (tunnel) Wilhelmina, the longest train railway tunnel in Indonesia. Unfortunately the railway were dead in 1980's and all of the railway were stole by irresponsible thief. Beside by the train he also told if his dad also take the family to Parigi with classic Jeep Willis (I don't know how to write Willis or Wheelis? haha I'm an automotive blind) and my dad usually get a job to hold the torch because at that time the village haven't have an electricity. Back to 2014, yesterday is my 3rd time coming and I never get bored because this place is the most famous beach destination area in Jawa Barat (West Java). For us Bandungnese, visiting beach is a magical moment because we don't have beach, Bandung is the city which surrounded by the mountain and didn't have an offshore line T_T


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    as always...this is an absorbing story..!!..a lovely narrative...and superb pictures...

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    Thank you, sir @jimjimm glad you read it =)

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    Col album,great story!

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    interesting to read and really nice pics... :-)

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    Many thanks @schugger & @turtle_cologne ^_^