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    thank you very much @sandravo :*

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    thanks mate @atropaworkshop

  5. wuxiong
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    Cool album, great selected fotos...^..^

  6. aka_papu
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    thanks @wuxiong
    unfortunately i like to think that i have better photos than the selection :D

  7. aka_papu
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    it's a really nice street sight @fotomacher

  8. annatmosfeer
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    Nice, books are amazing and so is analogue photography, perfect match!

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    thank you very much @annatmosfeer
    this is my point of view too :D

  10. aka_papu
  11. iamtheju
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    I could not store my books like that! Think of the fading and moisture damage!! lol
    Great photo though!

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    thanks a lot @IAMTHEJU

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    Love it!

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    @catfordst thanks a lot!