Experiment #2 - Horrible experiment or a fantastic failure.

My first chemical bath in acetone comprised of the film being pulled out of its canister and soaking in a tub of acetone; after soaking it was hung to drip dry and was then rolled back into its canister. The results were favorable, but not what I anticipated. Those images can be found in a previous album.

This time I placed the film canister in a cup of acetone and let it soak. After that I just let it sit to dry. Getting anxious and impatient I flipped my oven on and set the canisters on the vent to get a blast of heat (probably a big mistake). If that wasn't enough, I let the film sit on my dashboard in my car under a steady battering of sunlight.

Got it home and tried to load it in my Olympus; not heppening, the film was so warped and wrinkled it wouldn't catch when I tried advancing it through. With now more than 16" wasted I put the film in my La Sardina, that little camera has a firmer advancing sprocket.

After processing (I'm not even going to go into how hot tempered I got trying to get my film to load in my film reel, nightmare!) my "ball of film (yes....I just said 'f' it and balled up the film and gently...threw it in my tank) I was then faced with the closing dilemma of scanning this wrinkled mess of plastic.

Long story now ending, the few images I was left with I think was worth the headache. Some cool messy blobby streaky burnt images. Would I do it again? Probably definitely.