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unexpected model

after long encouragement, I had the first model :)

the place of pics: home and botanical garden
grain and numbers visible, no idea why.
date: 12.4.2014, analogue photography day :)


  1. akula
    akula ·

    Cool shot, how do you expose the numbers on to the negatives through the backing?

  2. erikagrendel
    erikagrendel ·

    @akula well, I did not know at the beginning how it really happened, but as I talked with some other lomographers, it is the fault of the film, probably the whole batch of films was affected. But yeah, on some places it looks cool :)

  3. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·

    @akula @erikagrendel this usually happens to me when the sun is shining and there's a lot of light hitting the film, whether on its paper backing or from the edges...

  4. stolosapo
    stolosapo ·

    Great Great Great!!!

  5. erikagrendel
  6. marirosas
    marirosas ·

    good picture!

  7. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    woop woop, congrats for POTD! your unexpected model should become your regular one!

  8. erikagrendel
    erikagrendel ·

    @roxyvonschlotterstein thank you dear !!!

  9. avola
    avola ·

    congrats to POTD!

  10. erikagrendel
    erikagrendel ·

    @avola thank you :*

  11. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    07-May-14: Congrats on Photo of the Day!!!

  12. objectionableconformity
    objectionableconformity ·

    Interesting image. I have many with dots and numbers too. I have just learned to like them. An interesting character builder.

  13. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Congratz on POTD!! Enjoy!! The print on the backing comes through to film because film was stored in too warm place, like >40C for days. This was probably Lomography's fault, if it's Lomography film. Also, just like your baby, don't leave your camera unprotected in closed car!! That can reach >60C!!

  14. iltere
    iltere ·

    this is awesome-great-amezing and cool all at the same time!! :]