Moussa, Gabby & the Safaristi

On our journey to West Africa, we had a 2 day Safari in the Pendjari National Parc. We didn't have too much luck in seeing the big four, so I rather concentrated on taking photographs of people. Our driver Moussa didn't talk much, but he enjoyed the interest of me and Vicuna and gladly posed for some portraits. Gabby our travelagent talked a lot and wansn't shy either to be immortalized on film. We would have to aske Stéphane how our guide in the Pak was called, I am a sucker for names. Véro, Gérard and Stéphane couldn't help to be captured by my lazy eye as well. This was actually the first time I used 220 film and it was an elevation.


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    Paris Saint Germain are famous in Burkina Faso, cool

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