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where the Goddess resides….

Hinduism celebrates the Sacred Feminine as a supreme protector who is fearless and compassionate to all beings.

In Goa, India…this is the Hindu Temple dedicated to Goddess Shantadurga..the Sacred Feminine who is highly revered with prayer and worship.

Legend has it that when the two Gods of the Grand Trinity of Hinduism…Lord Shiva - the destroyer and Lord Vishnu - the preserver were locked in a fierce battle…Lord Brahma - the creator who completed this holy trinity, requested Parvati - the consort of Shiva, to mediate between the two, which she did taking the form of ShantaDurga…..

Goa's Hindu Temples are typical of a fusion between local and the colonial portuguese style, in their building elements and forms.

This ShantaDurga Temple like, all Hindu Temples here, is signified by the white "Deep Stambha" which is a tower that is illuminated with lights, the "Ratha" - the chariot of the Goddess, decorated with intricate wood carvings and most importantly, the colored "Sikhara" that rises above the rest of the temple roofs, to mark the location of Inner Sanctum inside the temple...where the Goddess resides….

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