Very Expired

I've been wanting to try PolaChrome film and the Polaroid AutoProcessor for some time now. I finally purchased the film and processor on ebay and took and developed some photos today. The film and processor pack expired in January 1992 - meaning they expired over 22 years ago. The film was originally rated ISO 40, but I shot it at 25 in the CX-2. I developed it for 6 minutes instead of the 2 suggested in the instructions. While the results were very grainy, I was pleased to get any images at all. I scanned these in an Epson V300 and the only adjustment to the scans was the color correction box was checked as the original positives had a pinkish tone to them. No beautiful photos here, but I thought someone might be interested in the results of this experiment.

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  1. alburnkat
    alburnkat ·

    I find the "UnTruthful" orientation of this pix quite funny ;-)

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