1. dida
    dida ·

    Great colors!

  2. taliathemuse
    taliathemuse ·

    Hi! May I ask you which film or technique have you used to obtain these wonderful photos?

  3. roman_sekatsky
    roman_sekatsky ·

    @taliathemuse hi!)) i use fujicolor 200 and this is iodine and/or watercolor on film. sorry for my english))

  4. taliathemuse
    taliathemuse ·

    That's a great idea and you have been very clear ;)

  5. roman_sekatsky
    roman_sekatsky ·

    @taliathemuse :D thank you)

  6. xaocico
    xaocico ·

    Роман, Ваша фотография привнесла в мои серые будни больше волшебства, чем праздник Новый год :)

  7. roman_sekatsky
    roman_sekatsky ·

    @xaocico ничего себе)) спасибо :)

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