1. togotogo
    togotogo ·

    i guess that you teach him a good rock band;)

  2. lordbabylon
    lordbabylon ·

    @togotogo HER parents are puting HER in the right way lol

  3. sadiestoker
    sadiestoker ·

    super adorable !
    great portrait ♥
    and she did know how to pose like a super model XD

  4. togotogo
    togotogo ·

    really sorry. i actually wondered first he or she.

  5. lordbabylon
    lordbabylon ·

    no worries @togotogo haha... Thanks @sadiestoker! I really love this one!

  6. jeanhuang
    jeanhuang ·

    Love this !

  7. jenniferoz
    jenniferoz ·

    Mi corazón en una bandeja.

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