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  1. herbert-4
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    Wonderful album!! Just got some Cinestill 800T from Freestyle. I've found an uncoated fused quartz lens that fits my old Topcon Super D and a 340nm passing filter (completely black) that fits it. I think the Cinestill T has no UV blocking layer, so the plan is UVA photos of flowers, when I have some, this Spring. Extra blue and beyond sensitivity, and speed will help. I get a good light meter response through the 340nm filter on the Topcon. The lens is a UKA brand, I have the box, but looks mysterious, no number or brand, just f/3.5 and 50mm. and has Exacta mount. It passes everything at >82% from <200nm all the way to >1200nm. Too bad there's no more Kodak High Speed Infrared any more, I have a 87C filter that fits, but is too black for any IR film made now.

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