It's the thought that counts?

Sooo, let me preface this with the following... I acquired some "frozen expired" Ektachrome 100P. It was sold to me as working film but as-is, the company claimed they had used/tested it. I disagree.

Since the first roll was literally unusable due to the total darkness of the cross-processed negatives, I decided to try some experiments with it. You know, to see if I could get something off it and note what I did.

I looked around online and found three common themes of "recipes" for how to develop Ektachrome that has gone south.

What you see before you is, after some LightRoom editing, the first roll of this recipe hunt. It looked promising on the negs, as they were actually visually there vs the last roll which wasnt. Then I scanned them and they were a mess.

True fans of the "Lomo" lifestyle will say these are brilliant and "How did you do that!?". I say "This sucks, I want my photos to look right.".

I shot the roll in pairs. Two shots at each location, one at normal exposure, one a single stop over exposed.

I then developed it using the following:
1) Diafine A - 5 minutes.
2) Diafine B - 5 minutes.
3) Rinse.
4) Expose to light to fog and activate film briefly.
5) C-41 Developer - 10 minutes (normal 3.5 min).
6) C-41 Blix - 10 minutes (normal 6.5 min).
7) Import into LightRoom and adjust until there was something there.

The stuff on the outer layer of the roll was quite different in color, and there is obvious texture that I assume is from the 2 processes. I wouldn't call this a win. But it's certainly a huge step towards the first roll.

Only 2 recipes to try. Using up film and chemicals for the sake of knowledge.

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