Flow Festival 2013 in Helsinki

My LC-A+ has problems with the shutter and doesn't open properly. Noticed it after I shot the film, therefore all pics are underexposed but still I like them.

A review on the festival in German can be found on my blog: iamnosuperman.com/musik-2/festivals/ein-analoger-nachtrag-d…


  1. shariff
    shariff ·


  2. lordbabylon
    lordbabylon ·

    nice shot!

  3. zonderbar
    zonderbar ·

    @lordbabylon thx! :)

  4. aguillem
    aguillem ·

    @Hodachrome tole me that:
    "I usually set at ISO 200 or 400 for 800 film, because when I set my LC-A+ to ISO800 the result turns out under-exposed. The exposure might depends on each camera or brightness of the target, but I always try to avoid under-exposure."
    This guy really master his LC-A+, so might be quite normal! Next time try to adjust the ISO setting

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