This is a rather unusual project I suppose. I hope you approve and don’t yell “traitor” at me. ;)
Maybe 2 years ago a colleague and I decided to do doubles together. He is usually into digital photography (and photoshop) but has an old Contax F. I was supposed to shoot the first layer with his Contax and then give it to him for the second layer. Everything was fine until I started to wind the film back to the beginning. The film tore apart really badly. It was quite the mess but we didn’t want to give up the doubles. So we decided that I’d get the film developed while my colleague should take his set of pictures with his DSLR (Eos 20 D). I gave him the scans and he merged our sets together in Photoshop. He promised not to cheat and use them in the right order instead of checking out what fit best. So here are some of the results.

analogue vs digital doubles
Fuji Superia 200 (35mm)
Analogue vs. Digital Doubles
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